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Firework Displays

Great firework displays create incredible images;
a Fuse firework display generates lasting memories.

Let's light it up!

It is our belief that everyone should have the best fireworks possible; hearing an ‘ooh’ or ‘ahh’ and a cheer as the finale fades is what it’s all about for us.

Apart from firework displays for Bonfire Night and New Year’s Eve we produce displays for other public events including; Diwali; carnivals; festivals and concerts; Halloween events; regattas; airshows; awards, openings and inaugurations; and Christmas Light events.

Low Noise Displays

Whilst we enjoy a good chest thumping show, we do appreciate that it’s not for everyone, and so our low noise displays are perfect for noise sensitive venues or mixed audiences; they have all the visual impact of a normal display but with nothing louder than a whoosh, crackle or fizz.

Whilst these shows are best designed to a soundtrack it is possible to have a low noise display without music.


Traditional non-stop firework shows.  There is no music to these displays, but they are still very much choreographed, with complimentary effects and colour co-ordinated sequences that flow seamlessly, building the tempo and excitement of the display towards the finale.

And so there’s no waiting around for the next firework to start as with a hand fired show, ALL our simplypyro shows are fired electronically.

The PyroMusical

The core of any firework event is a spectacular firework display, and for pyromusicals, the foundation of this pyrotechnic spectacular will be a specially produced sound track to stimulate the senses and engage your audience

Our designers have an "ear for music" they instinctively know the right firework, colour and effect to compliment a piece of music exactly.

Our creativity has developed over time and is founded in a love of music, an encyclopedic knowledge of fireworks, and years of on-site experience.