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Special FX

"special fx have a place in every event."

Stadium and Stage Pyrotechnics, Confetti, Flames

Fuse Fireworks have a full range of tried and tested special fx for use at sporting events, theatres and other close proximity locations.

If you are organising a sporting event and want to welcome the teams onto the pitch in spectacular fashion then we can help; from a simple avenue of fountains, to centre-circle pyrotechnics or a full-on stadium rooftop fireworks display.

Alternatively to celebrate that special trophy-lift moment we can fill the air in an instant with clouds of confetti and provide the backdrop for that perfect photograph.

If you are a theatre company, or a band promoter, we can work with you to create dramatic theatrical effects to give your performance that extra dimension and impact.

If you are a Town Centre Manager organising a Christmas Lights event, we can provide you with a flurry of snow confetti creating an instant winter wonderland moment – magical!

Whatever your event, special fx create extra impact and generate added publicity from press and TV. Talk to Fuse about how we can add something extra special to your next event.

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