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Regatta Fireworks

A lake, a river or the sea is an ideal place to enjoy a firework display.

On reflection...

Water Firework displays can be fired from barges, boats, or pontoons, as well as from the shoreline or piers.

The reflections double the effect of the firework, providing a magical stimulation for the senses especially during quiet and pretty sequences.

In addition, water gives us the opportunity to use unusual ‘aqua fireworks’ designed specifically for use on water, projecting fans of coloured stars from the surface of the water, or carpets of floating fountains, atmospheric flares, and dramatic mine lifts.

The Fuse team has years of experience staging displays on or by water. Clients chose Fuse to design their water displays because we understand the safety and technical requirements, and we also know how to maximize the creative potential of displays on water.

We can provide the complete infrastructure necessary to create a firework display on water, including sourcing barges and pontoons, and liaising with port or river authorities.

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