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"fire is the most tolerable third party."

Let's light it up!

Fire is many things; scintillating, mesmerising, and warming.

Discover the elemental power of fire with Fuse.

A completely unique idea and new experience for events; installations, flame pots, flames and flambeaux have many advantages;

  • Perfect for noise sensitive venues
  • Great as a focal point, or ideal alongside other fx such as lighting.
  • Fully adaptable to the landscape

Flame pots

Line a driveway, river bank or pathway with flame pots and create a beautiful yet practical way to guide guests through areas.

Alternatively we can create a stunning focal point with the flame pots by using them in one of our specially commissioned installations; a 4.5m sphere, helix’s that stand almost 5m tall, even a 4m Christmas Tree

Gas Flambeaux

Greet guests with warmth and style; flambeaux units look spectacular placed either side of a building entrance, at the end of a driveway, or on the red carpet.

Standing an impressive 8ft high and topped by a 1-2 ft flame, the flambeaux are powered by propane gas which has a manual regulator to manage the size of the flame. The propane cylinder is neatly concealed in the base and will keep the flambeaux running for up to 8 hours.