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Everything from Robbie Williams to The Clash.

Everything from Robbie Williams to The Clash.

The Art of Fireworks to Music

Choreographing fireworks to music is an art, and the Fuse Fireworks display designers are hugely experienced and talented in this area.

Over the years we have designed numerous musical firework displays, including everything from classics such as the 1812 Overture and Pomp and Circumstance, to Robbie Williams and The Clash.

Live music can be unpredictable, with variations in tempo or mood. On the night of the performance, we will react to and adapt the firing sequences accordingly so that the firework cues correspond perfectly to the musical cues.

Like all great performances, you’ll know when we get it right – just listen to the spontaneous cheers and applause from your overwhelmed audience.

Talk to us about your artistic vision, and let us bring our creativity to enhance the theatrical experience.

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