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Christmas Light

Everything you ever wanted.

Adding the Wow!

If you are organising a CLSO event, we can help you add that all important WOW factor.

Whether you want to add impact to a key moment, or create a stunning, choreographed fireworks finale that will ensure everyone goes home happy, Fuse Fireworks has a range of FX to suit any budget, and any venue.

  • Snow Confetti; an atmospheric flurry or a street filling storm of snowflake confetti.
  • Stage Pyrotechnics; a flash and a pop to introduce Santa Clause 
  • Streamers; a parade of shimmering Christmas colours tumbling over the heads of you audience
  • Flames; 8m jets of dancing fire

Our creative approach is aimed at the child in all of us, capturing the magic and excitement of Christmas from the beginning to end of the show.

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Fireworks + FX + Fire

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